Children’s Serial – Epilogue

Imelda Cribbin


That night a massive storm broke out. It reminded Jack of the one they had at the colony with thunder and lightning booming and flashing.

The next morning, while Jack, Nate and Mouse were watching cartoons on the television a newsbreak came on talking about the storm and the widespread damage in the area. The news reader spoke:

‘…and in Springnettle, the old convict-built waiting room at the train station was struck by lightning in last night’s storm, causing serious damage. But emergency services at the scene this morning have made an amazing discovery while making the structure safe. Between a layer of the old solid bricks they have found a book of 2012 London Olympic postage stamps wrapped in what appears to be very old material. It is a mystery as to how they could have gotten there as the waiting room has been barred and locked these past two decades. Forensic scientists are heading to the site to investigate. We’ll keep you posted as this exciting mystery unfolds.’

Jack and Mouse looked at each and then back at the television. The camera was showing an emergency services man holding up the book of new looking stamps and the bricks he found it wedged between. The bricks showed the arrows of the convict marks.

‘Look, Jack! Look!’ cried Mouse. She ran up to the screen and pointed to a brick just below where the stamps were found. On the side of the brick, still attached to the wall was scratched:

             N e D     O K

‘Jack! Ned wrote me a letter. He did, Jack. He did!’

Amazed at what he saw, Jack looked at Mouse and smiled. He wondered how he had ever been annoyed at his little sister. She was smart enough to get them back home, and she was smart enough to teach Ned how to write his name. I promise to be nice to her, Ned. I promise.


This work is copyright and cannot be reproduced without the author’s permission.


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